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Barry Harbor / Hunter's Ridge

An inviting, friendly neighborhood describes the northland community of Barry Harbor-Hunter's Ridge.

This established subdivision is conveniently located in Platte County, south of Barry Road at N. Marston Ave in close proximity to major highways, great health facilities, quality schools, variety shopping, and fine dining.

The original subdivision of Barry Harbor was established in July of 1979 along the southern shoreline of a small private lake. The lakeside picnic play area and walking path that now surrounds the lake give residents the opportunity to greet and gather with their neighbors.

In the mid-1990s, Hunter's Ridge was developed south of Barry Harbor. New homes were also constructed along the north shore of the Barry Harbor lake. These combined adjacent communities function under one set of Covenants and Declarations that address the policies for 210 residential homes.

Barry Harbor-Hunter's Ridge is governed by a board of seven elected members who strive to serve the communities needs and oversee the established policies. Resident involvement is encouraged on committees that address architectural considerations, communications, grounds, and neighbor relations.

Each year the community is invited to participate in a neighborhood garage sale and family picnic. Groups of neighbors often gather informally throughout the year for picnics, dinners, and fun get-togethers. Neighbors also volunteer to enhance the beauty of our subdivision through regular cleanup of community areas and annual tree trimming.

Barry Harbor-Hunter's Ridge is a wonderful community in which to rear children, form rewarding friendships, and enjoy a relaxing environment amid the numerous amenities that the Northland has to offer.

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