Barry Harbor Hunter's Ridge

Drone Activity

June 27, 2016

In a recent board meeting Drone activity above our community was discussed. Board members have had a number of reports concerning drones flying above homes within BHHR and in fact one was observed this past Saturday 6/25 flying back and forth above Harden Drive in mid-afternoon. 

For now this activity does not warrent any action on the part of the board however the FAA has imposed very strict rules and regulations regarding registration and flight activity. While the full set of regulations is several hundred pages long. We have elected to provide a short 3 page overview provided by the FAA regarding legal drone activities.  We would ask all homeowners in BHHR to review and if you are flying your personal drones over the community to adhere to the FAA regulations.

If any BHHR homeowner wishes to report unusual activity related to drone flights please contact one of your board members and we will address to the extent we can within our CC&R guidelines and regulations. 

You can find the three page outline on a separate pages link within this web site.  THANK YOU

Posted by BHHR-Boardmember on 06/27/2016
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