Barry Harbor Hunter's Ridge

Annual Homeowners Meeting for Barry Harbor/Hunters Ridge

Just want to send out a reminder that the BHHR annual meeting and elections are scheduled for Monday, October 3, at the Barry Road School, 2001 NW 87th Terrace.  The meeting will be starting at 7pm in cafeteria.

The scheduled speaker is State Representative Kevin Corlew.  He has been asked to provide us with a "state of the State" talk as opposed to a campaign speech.  I asked him to give us a better understanding of what is going on or has gone on in Jefferson City for the past few years.  If you are interested in where our state government stands on such issues as gun control, health care, infrastructure, taxes, job growth, education or anything else, this can be your chance to get your questions answered.

I hope you can make the meeting.

Warren Peterson

President BHHR HOA

Posted by BHHR-Boardmember on 09/27/2016
Kansas City, Missouri 64151